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Bozeman, MT


I consider my greatest therapeutic focus to be trauma-recovery work. My areas of expertise include: trauma, abuse, sexual/physical abuse, divorce, conflictual relationships, traumatic life events, and post-partum mood disorders. I also support those with depression, anxiety, grief/loss, school or work struggles, parenting challenges, and difficult life events. I am an EFT-trained couples/marriage therapist. I also have extensive background teaching gender identity classes to professionals and working with individuals struggling with their own gender/sexual identity. I see tweens, teens, and adults.

My approach is client-centered and strength-based, with an emphasis on cognitive behavioral interventions and emotionally focused attachment-based therapy. I view therapy as sacred and collaborative. Clients would describe me as energetic, warm, and planful.

Over the last 14 years, I have found my strength in navigating client trust. I have found a way to make trauma and the experiences you bring to therapy less scary, overwhelming, and more supportive....this is how your change is allowed, your life renewed, and your goals achieved.

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