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Missoula, MT


“The propensity to make strong emotional bonds to particular individuals is a basic component of human nature.” John Bowlby, pioneer in attachment theory

When our emotional bonds and connections to our loved ones are threatened it brings distress to our relationships. I use the therapy orientation called Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) to work with couples on helping create secure, loving, and trusting bonds that enable responsiveness and connection in relationships. This approach is based on the science of adult attachment and understands that no matter what age we are, it is secure relationships which give us our greatest sense of safety, comfort and strength in dealing with the life’s challenges and stressors, as well as in celebrating opportunities. EFT supports the building of emotional and physical connections that are the foundations of satisfying and successful relationships. Processing and repairing past and current emotional hurts can lead to understanding and healing in our relationships. This therapy approach is not only supportive of couples but is also supportive of any relationship/ partnership: parent/ child (young and old), sibling, friendships, relatives. Contact me to begin the process of reconnecting to a loved one.

You can contact me though my website, and through email, phone, or text.

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