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Bozeman, MT


Research consistently shows that our relationships and bonds are vital to our overall physical health and emotional well-being. Therapy is an important investment in yourself, each other, and any children that may be involved in your family structure, now or in the future. While all relationships have conflict, sometimes we get stuck in repeated negative patterns that result in arguments, disagreements, and disconnection. These cycles may leave partners feeling unheard, unimportant, dismissed, unappreciated, or maybe unloved. When this pain persists, it’s common for couples to experience intense negative emotional reactions or complete withdrawal or ambivalence. The good news is, EFT is a proven approach that helps couples identify and soften this cycle so they can have greater connection and health.

Dr. Shanti Pepper is a psychologist practicing in Bozeman, MT. She has over 20 years of experience working with individuals who have experienced significant trauma, and 13 of these years were working with Veterans. As an EFT therapist, Dr. Pepper offers EFT couples intensives with follow-up monthly maintenance sessions (as needed).

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